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Welcome to the Mummy Scrummie Blog!

Well, hello there! Nice to meet you.

I suppose I'd better start by introducing myself because, whilst some of you may know me from some of my guest blogs, or from Instagram, some of you will be total newcomers!

So! Hi, I'm Issy, I'm a Welsh mum of two small children (who dubbed me "Mummy Scrummie") and I live with my young family in rural Hampshire (if you're reading this from outside of the UK, that's in England!)

A long time ago now (argh!), I began my career as a professional actor, but these days I find myself wearing one of two hats: the Mummy One, or the Mumfluencer One - and yes, I hate that term as much as you do! I keep an Instagram 'journal' of my daily life as a mum, I've just launched a podcast, and I write blogs on any and all things to do with parenting, kids, toys, clothes, mum-hacks: you name it, I've probably written about it!

This blog is going to be more of the same: me blagging and blogging my way through motherhood!

So, people who raise smaller people, stay tuned; SUBSCRIBE and watch this space, because the Mummy Scrummie blog is now LIVE!

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