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The Army Flying Museum, Stockbridge

Yesterday Mr Scrummie and I took our two little ones to visit the @armyflyingmuseum in Stockbridge.

I’ll start by saying that - obviously, and importantly, I think - a big part of this museum is dedicated to documenting something that my two (aged 2 and 5) have - thankfully - absolutely no concept of; and that’s war.

Even my Little Miss who has Ukrainian refugee classmates has no real understanding of war-fronts, what it means to be a soldier or of a military based in any more of a reality than the soldiers from Toy Story.

So, during our trip, we largely glossed over the elements of the museum that honour the fallen and detail the history of various conflicts, favouring instead the VAST collection of aircraft, the fab outside play area, the interactive exhibits, the Pilot’s Log Book trail, plane spotting from the café and the soft play! Here’s how we got on! 🎥

My top reasons to visit @armyflyingmuseum with young children:

🚁 They can dress up and try their hand at ‘piloting’ some helicopters

🛝 It has 2 good play areas

🧩 Lots of puzzles and interactive displays

✈️ A huge collection of different aircraft to see

📋 The children’s stamp-collecting trail

There’s a lot to see, almost too much, and I’d be keen to go back without the kids to have a through look through all the historical exhibits that we had to bypass!

💬 Have YOU ever flown in a helicopter? Have you sat in the cockpit of a plane? Tell me your air travel highlights in the blog comments below! ⬇️

Oh and because everyone always asks, my knitted tank is from @getclobr (PR product) and Little Miss’ jeans are @georgekidswear 🛍️

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